Hello, we are Kobe and Femke from Kolonel Coffee Roastery. Our journey started in 2010 with the opening of our very first coffeebar and in 2016 we launched our own roastery. In 2019 our second coffee bar opened his doors and we've got exciting plans brewing for the future.

Our both places celebrate the best of coffee culture by continuously learning and striving for the best. From sourcing the finest beans to roasting them in our very own micro-roastery, we're comitted to delivering the best coffee experience.



Kolonel, coffee handled with care

This is how it begins: a simple seed, with endless potential. A whole world of fine aromas, surprising tastes and memorable moments. Hidden within, but ready to be discovered and shared in a global coffee exchange. Bean to cup. 


Truly great coffee is a labour of love. That is why we work with people who are just as crazy about coffee as we are. We invest in long-lasting relationships with passionate, dedicated partners. Working together to create an environment where coffee is handled with care. Because we firmly believe you’ll be able to taste it!


We prefer quality over quantity, so we select small batches of beans. Firm favourites or new discoveries: they are all sourced globally, with respect for local farmers and their trade. People who know how to make the most of seeds, soil and seasons. Because every bean, every variety, every harvest is different. At Kolonel, we like our coffee just right: intensely fragrant and surprisingly smooth. That is why we roast our beans at our very own micro-roastery. Always in small amounts, so we can fully control the process, and with attention to detail. Once they have that trademark Kolonel taste, they are ready to be enjoyed


From that first espresso in the morning, to a late-night latte: every cup of coffee tells a story. So why not create your own?  At one of our coffee bars, where our baristas will brew you the perfect cup. Or at home, with a bag of our freshly roasted coffee. Go on, just brew it and make it your own.  Prefer the Kolonel way? No worries, every bag comes with its own brewing and serving instructions.